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Submitting articles to issue №4 / 2018 completed!

Опубліковано: 01.08 - 15.09 №4/2018

Deadline for materials

Опубліковано: 01.11. - 10.12 Issue №1/2019

Editorial policy of the journal


Editorial policy of the journal is based on the principles of objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles; high demands on the quality of scientific research; compulsory review of articles; collegiality in making decisions on the publication of articles; availability and efficiency in communicating with the authors; strict observance of copyright and related rights.


Scientific journal "Economic Forum" is an open access journal: viewing, reading, downloading and printing are free. The editorial board supports the principles of the free dissemination of scientific information and the global exchange of knowledge for the sake of universal social progress. Access to the contents of the journal is possible immediately after the publication of the paper version.


The editorial policy of the journal puts the following obligations before the authors of scientific articles:

– the authors of the articles should be responsible for the reliability of the facts, own names and other information of the article;

– the authors of the articles should eliminate all the shortcomings of the scientific article (in the presence of remarks);

– the authors of the articles should not submit the article to a publication, which describes in essence the same study, in more than one journal or the original publication; submitting an article to more than one journal at the same time is regarded as unethical behavior and is unacceptable;

– the authors of the articles should correctly quote the works of other authors who are present in the scientific articles.



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