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Submitting articles to issue №4 / 2018 completed!

Опубліковано: 01.08 - 15.09 №4/2018

Deadline for materials

Опубліковано: 01.11. - 10.12 Issue №1/2019

Regulations on Review



This provision regulates the procedure of peer-reviewing of articles received by the editorial board of scientific journal of economic sciences «Economic Forum».

Before approval the article is subject to review.

The main purpose of the review procedure is to eliminate cases of poor quality practiced scientific research and to ensure the coordination of the interests of authors, readers, editorial board, reviewers and the institution in which the research was conducted. Reviewers evaluate the theoretical and methodological level of the article, its practical value and scientific significance. In addition, the reviewers determine the compliance of the article with the principles of ethics in scientific publications and provide recommendations for the elimination of cases of their violation.

The process of reviewing articles submitted for publication in the scientific journal "Economic Forum" consists of two stages.

The first stage - the article should be accompanied by a review from the Doctors of Sciences in the relevant field of science.

The second stage - consideration of the submitted article by experts from the members of the editorial board of the journal, who make a decision on the acceptance of scientific work to print.

Regulations of review in the second stage

  1. All articles applied to the editorial board are reviewed.
  2. For all submitted articles the degree of uniqueness of the author's text is determined by means of the corresponding software.
  3. All manuscripts submitted to the editorial board shall be directed to the reviewers by profile. Reviewers are appointed by Editor-in-Chief or Deputy Editor-in-Chief.
  4. The review procedure focuses on the maximum objective assessment of the content of the scientific article, the definition of its compliance with the requirements of the journal and provides a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the materials of the article.
  5. The review is conducted confidentially on the principles of double-blind review (when neither the author nor the reviewer knows about each other). The interaction between the author and reviewers takes place through the secretary of the editorial board of the journal.
  6. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the article submitted for review or to use the materials of the article prior to its publication.
  7. Reviewing is based on confidentiality, when information about the article (terms of receipt, content, comments of reviewers and final publication decision) are not communicated to anyone other than authors and reviewers.
  8. Only those articles that are valuable from the scientific point of view and contribute to solving actual educational problems and tasks are accepted for printing.
  9. The final decision on publishing an article is taken by the Editor-in-Chief and, if necessary, by the meeting of the editorial board.


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